Junjie "JJ" Dong

3CPE Fellow | Caltech GPS



My name is JJ, and I'm a Stanback Postdoctoral Fellow at the Caltech Center for Comparative Planetary Evolution (3CPE). My research focuses on the fundamental properties of planetary interiors under high-pressure conditions. Through my work, I aim to gain a deeper understanding of how material properties shape the evolution, dynamics, and habitability of planets. To achieve this, I use a variety of research tools, including high-pressure experiments, thermodynamic modeling, first-principles simulations, and machine learning.

Recently, I have been working on the development of reference P–T phase diagrams for major oxides, ices, and iron. To do this, I am developing a global inversion strategy based on supervised learning algorithms. This project has the potential to synthesize existing experimental and simulated data up to multi-megabar pressures, and the resulting reference phase diagrams will serve as roadmaps for exploring planetary interiors.

When I'm not debugging my code or running lab experiments, you can find me in archives writing about the history of geophysics. In doing so, I aim to uncover stories that provide insight into the epistemic cultures and practices that define our scientific community today. I am currently writing an article on the intellectual history of the modern model of the Earth's interior.

You can contact me at dong2j@caltech.edu.